It’s been a bit since I wrote one of these so I decided to make it something carefree. We all have hair so knowing hair tips should be on everyone’s list. I thought about all the things we do to protect our hair, our style, and out color without even thinking about it so we forget to mention them to other people. Also, I know this may be hard to believe but there are very interesting facts about hair out there that even I went “I’ll be darned’. I am however surprised by a lot of things so this may just be me.

Hair Tips:
-Hair should not be brushed when it’s wet that will damage your hair. Invest in a comb and use that. Combing through the hair wet or dry is less detrimental.
-For good hair health, try wholemeal products, eggs, liver, kidneys, vitamin D, herrings, salmon, carrots, green vegetables, and vitamin C.
-Your face shape has a lot to do with how a certain style will look so when bringing your stylist in a photo to copy make sure the person in the photo has the same face shape. 
 -Try avoiding teasing combs as much as you can. Invest in products that create volume. Also, they make hair accessories to help create that bump in the back.
-When going to get your hair colored make sure it’s clean. Some products can darker the hue of your hair which can interfere with choosing the right color for you.
 -Most products that increase volume are heat activated so throwing it in and letting your hair air dry won’t work as well. Try taking the blow dryer to just to root of the hair if your in a pinch for time.

Hair Tricks:
-When talking on your phone always put it under your hair. This will prevent it from being flatted if you are going for volume and frizz from the heat of the phone.
-Try to avoid wearing elastics. No matter what time the elastic is eventually it will cause stress on that part of hair which causes it to break. That’s right those aren’t baby hairs growing, it’s hair you snapped off.
-Sleep with a satin pillow and wrap your hair (terry cloth not cotton) at night if you go to bed with wet hair. It will reduce frizz PLUS if you have straight hair and wrap it right you can wake up with beautiful beach waves.
-When trying to add volume to anything flip your head upside down 🙂
 -If your doing an at home updo, spray dry shampoo on the bobby pin before you put it in the hair. It will give the bobby pin a little extra grip which will reduce slipping.
-End everything with cold. After a shower turn the cold on and run your hair under it. When blow drying your hair do the last part on cold not hot. This gives your hair a skinny healthy look, it also locks in your style when blow drying.

Hair Facts:
-It’s not all in your head. Hair actually does grow faster in warmer weather.
-Hair is the fastest growing tissue in yoru body, second only to bone marrow.
-Female hair grows slower then male hair. (well isn’t that just awesome)
When you get goosebumps and your hair stands, the hair helps to trap air, making you feel warmer by keeping in your body heat.
One human hair can support 3 ounces.
Intelligent people have more zinc and copper in their hair (go ahead and just try to use that as an insult without laughing)
Water composition in your hair can reach 30% (this is why your hair gets frizzy in humid weather)
-Hair grows faster during the day then at night.
-Pulling out 1 gray hair does NOT cause 7 to grow back. What it will do however is cause damage to the root preventing any other hairs to grow back.
– Many believe that frequent washing of the hair, increases hair loss and regular cutting of the hair increases the growth of the hair, which are both inaccurate and false.
-Cutting the hair will help the hair grow longer then it would have before the cut but it doesn’t help it grow faster. 

Yours Truly,


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