If you read yesterday’s blog you will have learned the damage we are constantly doing to our skin, faces especially, without even realizing it. I’m not saying you never protect your face I’m just saying you probably don’t fathom how often it needs protection, which is ALWAYS! It’s not to late to start protecting your face and lucky for you I also know a way to reverse some of that damage you did with the sun.

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Sun Damage is done beneath the skin most of time effecting your collagen and elastin fibers directly causing lines, wrinkles, and the drooping of the facial skin. YUCK! There are ways to repair a lot of the damage done by the sun BUT none of them will be effective if you are not protecting your face during the day. You can spend months repairing the damage to your face and one afternoon walk could ruin all the work you have done to repair your skin. 
Let me introduce you to the HydraFacial™:
This is perfect for people like me, people who want results they can see. This is a non-surgical, non-invasive procedure that delivers instant result with no down time. I know the word procedure makes it look kinda scary but think of it more like a super awesome, super effective, more powerful then a regular facial  done with a machine instead of someone’s hands. 
1. This procedure targets sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, dehydration and oily skin.
2. It rejuvenates while it simultaneously cleanses, exfoliates, extracts and hydrates that results in smooth, luminous, younger looking skin.
3. Additional benefits include reduction of puffiness and firmer muscle tone via lymphatic massage and collagen stimulation.
4. Although the price may look scary at first it’s a lot less then surgical treatments or injections would be. You can achieve instant results but a full series is recommended for long term results. 
5. It has products you can use at home to help maintain all the healing the facial has done for you. Plus, if you keep up with your light treatments you will be able to go longer in between the actual facial treatments. 
6. The facial itself comes with a light treatment. LED light therapy rejuvenates skin using red light therapy, blue light therapy. Common problems that are helped with LED Light therapy include: acne and aging skin, plus chronic pain and infection.
 (I’m well aware I’m being a bit dramatic with this picture lol)
If you’re anything like me then the sound of slathering your face with sunscreen all the time makes you cringe. I have very oily skin so  I have to be very careful with putting greasy things on my face, especially putting them on the amount that’s needed to keep me from getting wrinkles and sunspots. Instead, I use a broad spectrum make-up! On top of not wanting the grease I really don’t have time to add an extra step to my mornings so having my protection in my make-up makes things simple 🙂
There are different broad spectrum cosmetic companies our there, which one do I prefer:

Hands down I prefer the Jane Iredale cosmetic line. We have carried a variety of different make up lines in the salon but this one is here to stay!! To make things easy I am just going to list why this is the make-up ‘must have’ line in your bag.
1.Obviously because the are a broad spectrum make-up line which means this is protecting you from UVA/UVB light. The SPF in their make-up ranges from 15-40 depending on the product you’re using.
2.They are also water resistant. As you read before this is a pretty important thing considering it’s summer time and you are going to be sweating. The new testing techniques have resulted in a 40-minute designation for all of their sunscreen products.
3, It’s a mineral make-up! Which means it does not contain talc, parbens, or any other ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Their products are anti-inflammatory and help calm and soothe the skin.
4. Remember how I was saying before I really hate adding extra steps? Well JI has a product called PurePressed Powder which acts as a foundation, powder, concealer and sunscreen with an SPF 20 all in one, making it convenient to use.
5. The make-up has a setting spray which helps it stay up to 8-10 hours. So on top of getting amazing SPF protection your make-up stays looking beautiful all day. One of the Hydration Spray’s even has UV protection built in the product. 

For more information go to  http://www.hydrafacial.com/index.htm for HyrdraFacial™ and https://janeiredale.com for mineral make-up or go to Crystal’s Spa in Ithaca and the girls there can answer all your questions. 

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