Get your hair cut while enjoying a relaxing setting outside!

After a shut down of 10 weeks starting March 22, 2020, salons were able to re-open around June 1st with many new and strict rules to protect ourselves and our community.

The process of reopening has been quite a ride and many fun, interesting, clever ways to run a business and restart our new normal have come out of this chapter in our lives.

When reopening, we started back up under a tent outside. WOW, never ever in my 38 years had I ever considered going outside to do hair. I LOVE summers in Tompkins county. Now that I have had a couple of years cutting outside I’m not sure why I hadn’t tried it before.

It has been amazing being outside with my clients. The flora and fauna are an amusing adventure, including squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and bugs coming in to visit, some stay longer while others just pass through. 

The tent was so fun but came with its share of challenges. When it rained our feet were damp, the wind blew the tent down, birds ran into it, and bees built nests in the corners. After my first summer of Fresh Air cuts, I began to think of how I could improve on being an outdoor stylist.

 The summer of 2021  came proving to be even more fun outside. with a sweet new addition to the Fresh air cuts. The Grain Bin cutting area. My big beautiful silver lining in a  time of uncertainty.

 You see I just kept hearing from my clients about how much they loved, loved being outside. I did as well, it was relaxing and refreshing to have light winds and sun all around us. A big beautiful silver lining in a time of uncertainty. Upcycling is so important to our futures  I feel it’s a win-win to use the recycled grain bin as our outdoor salon area. Each year I will be out under my silver grain bin as soon as I feel it’s warm enough and weather permitting!