Let’s talk about something no one really wants to discuss…lice! I know it’s one of those subjects where the moment you hear it your head starts itching. Knowledge is power so I want everyone to be educated on common myths about lice, ways to prevent it from happening, and treatment for when it does happen. I will be focusing mainly on one lice product called Fairy Tales because I have seen amazing results with this and I personally use it. You will notice a common theme in my blogs, that I use the products I write about because if I wouldn’t put them on me then I wouldn’t suggest you do either.

You can get head lice from Pets!
Truth: No, you can’t. You can get fleas from pets but flea’s aren’t lice. Lice attacks humans it doesn’t attach to animals which means we can’t give it to them and they can’t give it to us.

Only people with long dirty hair get lice!
Truth: About that, lice can’t breath in greasy hair so they are more commonly found in people with clean hair and they truly could care less about the length. Lice can actually live 24 hours underwater, soap and water have no effect on these little buggers.

Lice jump from head to head and can live on clothes, beds, carpets, and couches!
Truth: Lice don’t have the ability to jump. They go from host to host by crawling from a piece of hair to an item of clothing to a backpack. Lice can be dislodged from the head by air or fast movement which only gives the illusion of jumping  In fact, they can’t live off a human host over 24 hours. Yes, cleaning the sheets and clothes are a good idea if you have lice but off a human they don’t last long.

Head lice can carry diseases that could potentially kill you!
Truth: Considering the fact that over 80% of schools have a lice outbreak a year I think our lifespan would be a lot shorter then it is today. They do not carry diseases. They are obnoxiously annoying and can cause your scalp to become red, sensitive, and itch but it’s not gonna give you malaria.

Gasoline or Kerosene is a good lice treatment.
Truth: Every year someone manages to kill or maim a child because they believe that gasoline or kerosene is an effective lice killer (they are not). The volatile fumes will combust. These products should not be applied to the hair.

Fun Facts: 

*African Americans do not generally get lice. Their hair shafts are of a different shape which lice have trouble adhering to. In Africa however, the lice have adapted to this hair shaft and Caucasians are immune.

* Lice and Nits will die at temperatures over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. So washing cloths in hot water or using the dryer can effectively eliminate the problem.

*It takes your immune system 4-6 weeks to develop a sensitivity to louse saliva. Meanwhile a female louse can lay 6 to 10 nits a day. By the time you actually start itching, several generations of lice may be in happily residing in your hair. 

There are really only a few things you can do for head lice prevention and unfortunately non of them are 100%. Anyone can catch head lice from anywhere which means prevention is key. I strongly suggest looking into a line called Fairy Tales. Our customers swear by the stuff. There is a repel spray and spray conditioner you can put on your hair every morning and it will help to repel the lice. All of the Rosemary Repel products are now free of gluten, nut soy and dairy. I would also suggest using the shampoo that goes with the line. I worked in daycare for over a year and we had outbreaks of lice but I used the spray EVERY morning and never got it. Same goes for my six year old nephew. You need to remember to use this EVERY morning, if you go one morning without it then you can get lice. This again is my personal experience.

Each treatment you use is going to have different directions so always read the back. Of course, I am going to suggest using Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye. This product is non-toxic and pesticide free. It’s pH balanced so it’s safe to use on color treated hair, and it includes a comb to help get rid of the nits. I do not like Rid, actually I hate stuff. I know they say it is not harmful to the hair but people I know who have used it lost a lot of hair combing through it and their hair had a ton of split ends after. I find FT is safe to use on the hair. Things you need to remember:

*Only treatment will not get rid of everything. You need to do at least two depending on how bad the infestation is. FT Lice Good-Bye has enough in it for two treatments. 

*You need to comb through it to get the nits. Which means that self application is not suggested because you can’t see all the lice to get them

*If someone wears contacts or glassed make sure to take them off. You don’t want to get this stuff in their eyes. Especially if they wear contacts. 

*Even after you do the treatments and get rid of the lice you should continue to do daily checks for the next 21 days. 

*There is no need to treat everyone in the house only the people who are infested.  

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