Here’s where reality hit and it hurts. On average most weddings cost around $15,000, ouch. This isn’t saying weddings aren’t done cheaper, it’s just an average. The part that will cost you the most is the reception. This isn’t because you hired Boys 2 Men to come sing at your wedding it’s because a lot goes into a reception like venue, food, drinks, music, flowers and photography, and that’s still leaving some out. Budgeting is so important when it comes to a wedding. Set a limit and stick to it even if that means cutting back in some areas which will more than likely happen even if you have a ton of “Do-It-Yourself” projects for your wedding.

Sit Down With The Future Spouse: It’s true, way back when, each side was responsible for paying for different parts of the wedding. Today, that’s a nice dream. You need to sit down with your future spouse and decide what you want and what they want for the wedding. Two hard truths, first what you want and what they want will most likely be very different, and second, what you want and what you can afford are very very different. This is where you will probably learn the art of compromising which will be needed throughout the entire relationship so starting before that big leap is good practice. Pick one thing you really really want and one thing they really really want and go from there.

Every Penny Counts: Doing something as simple as choosing a weekday to get married on can save you a lot of money. Weekends are the most popular time to get married so obviously chapels, churches, or destinations are going to be more money because people are money smart and will increase the prices on weekends. Getting married on a weekday isn’t that bad and I find you have less drunken accidents because people are conscious of the fact that some of them have to work the next day. This doesn’t mean I am saying none will happen, just less of them. Also, weddings in the winter aren’t as expensive as the summer and spring. In the salon world, June, July, and August are the “wedding season”. Get married in an off-season which is November thru March, winter weddings are beautiful!!

Stick To Your Budget: Your wedding means the start of your new life. This means buying a house, having kids, going on vacations, doing things that also involve budgeting and saving. I promise no long how you have been together money is always an issue whether you have none or a ton. Which means you will have enough financial pressure and stress without adding wedding debt on top of it. No one wants to start a new life with debt from a wedding, if you went to college I am sure you have student loans and those will be enough, no reason to add more. You want to start your life with a clean slate not look at your credit card bills every month and think to yourself “I can’t believe I am still paying for that one day”. Month after month seeing these bills you will most likely come to resent your wedding not rejoice it. Make a huge list upfront of everything you will need then write down if any family members are paying for anything then reduce and figure things out from there.

Alcohol: This topic always seems up for debate depending on who you talk with. I am giving you advice from reading article after article that doesn’t mean you were at a wedding where things were done different and they didn’t spend a lot.

  • If you don’t have to buy your alcohol from the venue where you’re having your reception, buy your own—you’ll get it cheaper and be able to pick out what you want.
  • Have a limited bar as opposed to an open bar.
  • Cut back on the number of different kinds of liquor you provide—nix the mixed drinks, have champagne only for the toasting, and then serve one each of basic wines (red, white and blush) and one or two kinds of beer.

Flowers:  As I talked about before there are many ways to save on flowers. You can make them out of ribbon which means no real flowers needed. You can pick them yourself and make your own bouquets depending on what season you get married in. You can cut back on the flowers when it comes to decorations. Line your aisle with ribbon and bows, not bundles of roses. Keep in mind although all these flowers are going to look beautiful on your wedding day they will die soon after and unless you specifically ask to keep them or tell your guests they can take them home the reception hall or church will most likely just throw them out. Throwing money in the garbage doesn’t seem that financially smart to me.

Don’t Say Wedding!! Okay so this part may be a little on the sneaky side but it really does save you money. Don’t say the word wedding. You will be amazed how the prices of flowers and venues go down when you say ‘party venue’ or ‘reunion flower’ instead of wedding flowers or wedding venue. That’s CRAZY right! I didn’t believe this when I read it so I tried it out myself by calling different flower places and seeing if the prices really did change, and they did. It’s amazing how one little word can change things.

Haggle: People need to make money just as much as you need to save money so when they say a price don’t be afraid to haggle. Tell them there is absolutely no way you will be paying that price for flowers, or food, or a cake and you will be surprised how quickly they drop the price instead of losing the sale completely. Keep this is mind when you are looking for a salon too, if you are doing a lot of things with them a lot of the time they will throw in a discount without a problem.

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