Everyone these days is on a budget which means DIY is the way to go for your wedding. Yes, this means a little more work on your part but with a few friends or family to help you these projects will be a breeze. Trust me, my family helped put together and entire DIY wedding in a week and it turned out beautiful! A perfect wedding does not mean a price tag that breaks the bank.Talk about stress, even after being stressed planning the wedding you will be stressed looking at those bills for months to come afterwards. Ouch.

Candy Bar: I’m absolutely in love with this! It makes wedding favors so easy and truthfully a let less expensive. Buying wedding favors for everyone can get kinda pricey especially if you want those favors to have your names and wedding date on them. Buy little paper baskets with the personalization on it and then get a candy bar and let people fill them. That way you get the best of both worlds. Candy bars are easy, you buy in bulk, and you buy candy in colors that match your wedding palette, and put them in clear glass or plastic jars, maybe add some colored ribbon or if you know someone who is artistic have them paint some designs on them and BAM your done!

Centerpieces: If you are having a spring or summer wedding then saving money will be easy for you. Pick your own flowers and create centerpieces yourself. Flower arrangements are easier then they look and you can find step by step videos on the internet. Again, it will take a little time on your part but it’s worth the money you save it the end. If that doesn’t sound like something you are up to doing then choose your flower wisely. Choosing a flower like a Calla lily can save you a lot of money because it is such a big and bold flower that you only need one or two for a beautiful elegant look. When it comes to the vases, go plastic. People won’t notice unless they knock one off the table. Dress the vases up with glass marbles at the bottom or ribbon around the outside. Paint the vases if you want. I saw this beautiful way to paint vases with spray paint and rubber bands, then you add a candle inside and put three different sized vases in the middle of the table, just like that, a centerpiece. Mirrors added underneath things can make a big difference to the way something looks and can give it a softer imagine.

Personalization: I know this is a big must for a lot of brides. Unfortunately personalizing things, anything, can almost double the original price. Instead, look into getting a personalized wedding stamp. No Joke. You can use this on pretty much anything. You can use it on those decorate boxes for you candy bar,on the vases,on napkins and tablecloths,on DIY wedding invitations, on thank-you cards, on your guests if you honestly feel like it. This stamp may be a little more up front then you were ever thinking of spending on a stamp but in the end is saves you so so much money especially if you are looking into a mostly DIY wedding. They range from 15-100 dollars depending on where you order them from and how detailed they are.  I also enjoy this stamp because you can continue to use it after your wedding. You could make coffee cups and plates by simply using paint you can cook onto the dishes. Dip your stamp in and away you go.

Ribbon Flowers: These are probably the coolest things I have ever seen in my life. Let’s be honest, roses are the most wanted flowers for your bouquet and one of the most expensive. You can create flowers out of ribbons that look exactly like roses. You may need to do a few practice flowers to get it right but it will save you money in the end. However, if you talk to any bride who has done this she will tell you this was the most time consuming project to take on. The good part is that you can start this as early as you like because they won’t wilt. A little at a time will help so it doesn’t feel too over whelming. You can use these ribbon flowers for pretty much anything. You can use them for head pieces for the bridesmaids or flower girl. You can use them in little pots to mark family seats at the wedding. You can use them as centerpieces. You can use them as decorations cascading up the isle hanging from chairs. Your options are pretty much endless.

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