Truthfully, I feel this is the most complicated part of getting ready for the wedding as a bride. You constantly see brides stressing out about wearing too much or too little makeup. Bridal makeup these days is very similar to red carpet makeup in the sense they have to look good in HD video cameras,  professional cameras, and people’s personal cell phones. Not such an easy task when your not even sure how to do makeup, which is why I suggest you leave it up to the professionals. The best part, just like with your hair, you can have a practice makeup trial so you can try out different styles and see which one you prefer the most. It’s actually better to do it before the day of the wedding because brides are a lot more relaxed and it’s easier for them to make a unstressed, not rushed, not pressured decision. Wedding day makeup is a must for every bride, even those who normally don’t touch the stuff, you will be photographer all day long and you want to make sure you look the best in every shot.

Prepping Your Face: Start your skincare plan at least six months before your wedding day to make sure your skin is looking its best. You don’t want to wait until the month of your wedding to start using new products because you could develop an allergic reaction to some products which could take up to two months to clear, or it could take a while for the skin care products to start working. On the morning of your wedding skip toners, lotions, or any other products that will get between your face and your makeup. You want your makeup to adhere the closest it can to your skin that way when you start sweating or crying it adhered better and will run less. However, do wash your face the morning of the wedding, that will get rid of all the dirt and oil you have accumulated over night. 

Some Makeup Dont’s: 
*Stay away from glitter!! You remember those photos we have been talking about over and over? Well glitter is going to catch the light, or a flash, and give a horrible glare in your photos. 
*Don’t go without foundation, I know your looking for more of a natural look but you can still have that with foundation and it will give you that even coverage you want in your photos. 
*Don’t wear a bright red lipstick without a lip stain. It’s a beautiful color especially for weddings but you are going to want it to last through all the kissing, the cake eating, and the champagne sipping. *Don’t match your lipstick or eyeshadow to your wedding colors, its completely unnecessary and outdated. 
*Don’t over use your bronzer, again this is why it’s better to have someone else do your makeup, bronzer is meant to contouring and give a sun kissed look. It is not meant to be worn all over your face. 
*Don’t let that stubborn bridesmaid go without! You don’t want those pictures to be perfect which means everyone, and I mean everyone, has makeup on. Period. 
*Don’t do smokey eyes like you are going to a club, it will make your eyes look smaller and it’s a bit much to be honest, unless you are getting married in a night club, in that case have at it by all means. 
*Don’t try to use every color of the rainbow. You wanna do that on a daily basis. by all means go ahead I love seeing makeup like that but tone it down a bit for the wedding. 
*Don’t stray from yourself. To look beautiful you need to feel beautiful, if you don’t look in the mirror and go wow then change it. 

 Makeup Tips: You should be letting a professional do this but that doesn’t mean you don’t need these tips or have a say in what is put on your face.
*Consider Eyelash Extensions. Talk about putting some va va voom into those photos. These days they have very natural looking eyelashes that will blend with your natural eyelashes. (I wear them almost everyday and no one ever notices they aren’t mine) This will also make it so you don’t have to worry about mascara running when you cry.
*Know the makeup. You will want to make sure your makeup is a long lasting makeup. Especially your eye liner. This is simple to do, just find out what line your makeup artist will be using, ask questions, and look it up online.
*Just because I said don’t match your makeup to your wedding colors doesn’t mean you can’t pull the tones from your wedding to use on your eyes. Tones and actual colors are two very very different things.
*Make sure you have emergency makeup. I would suggest purchasing whatever lip gloss your makeup artist uses. That way you can touch up right before photos or after you share that first wedding kiss.
*Bring a camera with you. Take photos inside and out after your makeup is done. You will notice a dramatic difference. Keep this in mind if you are having an outdoor wedding. Different light means a different look, make sure you like the way it looks in all light.

Yours Truly,


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