Your going to want your hair to match your dress and wedding theme. Meaning, if everything is simple and elegant don’t put feathers and gems and twelve thousand curls in your hair. With more necklines than ever available these days, it is easy for brides to get confused about which hairdos work best with which wedding gowns.


Like I have said in every blog so far, you want to be the center of attention as a whole, not a piece of you like the dress, nails, makeup, or hair. The most important things is that your PERFECT HAIRSTYLE MATCHES YOUR PERFECT DRESS!

Put your hair in the hands of a professional for your wedding day. Make an appointment with a hairstylist that you have confidence in, then look around for some ideas to try out at your practice sessions. The hairstylist will help you make a final decision on what will work best for you.Keep in mind your head piece or veil, you want it to fit on your head properly and still be able to move around and do the things you have to do without disturbing it.

So you decided you want to wear hair down,well there are a few factors involved before you should make that you final decision. Firstly, does your dress have sleeves, a high neck or are you planning to wear full diamond gems around your neck? If you answered yes to any of those then you may want to reconsider your decision and wear your hair up.  The reason being is that when you have too much around your neckline and your hair down, it will make your face look too covered and busy. If you really want to wear your hair down, try it with a wedding dress that is somewhat low, and that will expose your collarbone so there is nothing covering your neck up.

Stuck on having your hair down? Well there is a great compromise between having it up vs. down, pin it half up. As you read the reason they give to not wearing it down is that it looks too busy especially around your face which is why pinning some up your hair up and out of your face will help with this. Don’t forget the dress, every decision you make on your hair should come back to the dress. If you do have a very busy dress especially near your collarbone and are bend on it cascading down your back then pull it back. No, not a ponytail, but it pulled back nice and loose. This still looks elegant and you are getting the best of both worlds.

If you have short hair you may find that people will tell you that your options are limited and try to convince you to grow your hair out for the wedding. I could tell you exactly what to tell those people, but this is a family blog 🙂 If you have short hair and look beautiful, and sexy, and classy, then why change for one day? Changing your style just to suit what other people think you should look like will guarantee that you don’t feel comfortable or like yourself on the day. Short hairstyles look great when they dressed are up with gems and flowers, or intricate head pieces.

Another important factor to consider is face shape and body shape adjustments, where height and width can be added or minimized.  If you are tall and thin, you should keep away from high tight updos that will add more length to your profile, unless your partner is much taller then you and then you may to add length. You should look for curls that are always softer in texture, due to their round shape. Other considerations include the length of your neck, the size of your ears, as well as the height of your hairline.

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