Besides my dress and hair I feel this is will be one of my favorite parts to preparing for the wedding. You can do so many things with your nails that is just makes this process so much fun. Make sure you get a pedicure as well that way your feet match. There are just so so many options to choose from which is why I am writing this blog to help narrow things down. This is why I suggest you do this the day before the wedding, you don’t want to mess up  your nails and depending on how complicated you go with your nails it may be hard to keep them looking nice.


The Polish: Remember a few post ago when I said when you get engaged your hand is going to be the center of attention?? Well the same goes for after you get married which is why you will want a nail polish that not only lasts for the day of the wedding but lasts for days after. For this, I am going to suggest a gel polish. Gel polish will not chip and has a beautiful shine to it, almost giving you the look of having acrylic nails. The other benefit to gel is that it’s thick so it gives your nails some strength. and if your someone like me and you don’t take it easy on your hands this is a pretty big benefit. Gel polish should last about 7-14 days and the polish grows out with your nails so it’s easy to tell when you need more. Also, removing the polish is as easy as removing a plain Jane polish. If you want something done to your nails that can’t be done with gel polish I would still suggest getting the top layer in gel. This will give the regular polish luster and make it last a little longer then it normally would.

Acrylics: A lot of brides will opt to get acrylics for their wedding day which is completely fine but I wouldn’t recommend it. If you already have acrylics nail then go wild. If you normally don’t get them done then do not do them for your wedding. Acrylics ruin your nails when the are applied and tear them apart even more when they are remove. Not to mention the fact that removing them is a long and tedious process unless your one of those people who just bite and pick them off in which case you definitely should not get them because biting and picking them off could actually crack your natural nail bed. OUCH!

The Bridesmaids Nails: I am a very match oriented person which means I will want my bridesmaid to have the same color nails. This makes it nice for wedding photos especially ones where the hands are focused on like pictures of the bouquets, the hands behind the back, or a photo of everyone holding hands. Look at any bridal magazine and you will notice how the best pictures are the ones that match the most. It’s a small detail you don’t think about or necessarily notice until you see that pictures afterwards and think to yourself ‘huh, something isn’t right’. It can even be something as simple as everyone getting a french manicure, maybe adding an accent nail. However, it can even be something elegant or intricate, it’s all up to you and what you want out of your wedding. Keeping in mind the dresses, you don’t want things to be too busy so make sure the two balance each other out.

The Designs: Match the dress. If you have a dress with intricate beading or see through boning or hand sewn patterns keep the nails simple. The last thing you want is your nails showing up your dress. If you don’t like the idea of just have a stereotypical french manicure only change it a little bit. Add an accent nail or use an off white on the tips instead of a ivory. If you have more of a simple dress you can stick with the french or you can go all out. It’s okay to add a little color to your nails. If your wedding palette is peacock colors then think of adding a small amount of gold or blue somewhere. You can even use those colors to make the french instead of ivory. You can use gems or glitter whether you want to stay simple or wild. I think gems give a classic look but that’s just my opinion.


Where To Get Ideas: There are so so many places to get ideas for your nails. Like I mentioned before look at bridal magazine, at all the pictures not just the ones focused on nails. Go to websites like The Knot or American Brides. Google ‘bridal nails’. There are people who make a living on writing blogs about nails I’m sure you can find something. Also, if you are looking for something intricate make sure you are showing the nail salon before you make the appointment that way you are sure they are able to do the designs. Not all places that do nails are able to do nail designs, although when you are watching them you do your thinking ‘that’s easy I can do that’ I promise you they only make it look easy. 

Below are some photos of natural and acrylic designs. Acrylic designs can be done on natural nails. A lot of the reason people get acrylic or gel nails is for the length, so you have long nails or the ambition to grow yours out you can have the same look, especially when using a gel polish or a gel top coat.

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