This needs to be part of the early planning. Salons tend to fill up fast around wedding season and remember you are probably going to have a large party which will be harder to accommodate. Spending time at a salon should not just on the day of the wedding but the day or even the week before as well. As a bride you want to look and feel beautiful from head to toe, this means finding the salon that will make you feel this way.


Choosing Your Salon: This is the most important day of your life so this should be a big part of your wedding budget. You will want to go to a salon with an inviting staff who are knowledgeable. If your hair looks bad I promise you that you will FEEL like your whole wedding is ruined! Don’t go cheap. In life you get what you pay for so if you want hair you are HAPPY with and not just OK with then pay a little more. You will want to see the inside of the salon and make sure there is enough room is accommodate your wedding party. You don’t want to go to a salon where your party has to sit in the waiting area until it’s time to get their hair done. I suggest finding one who will allow you to bring wine or champagne, that’s only if that’s something you are looking to do. I know I am. The practice run is a great time to look through the salon and figure out if this is the place for you. You want to make sure not only your stylist listens to you but the other stylists in the salon who will be doing your bridesmaids listen to you as well. Stay away from reviews! Go to each salon and get an idea for yourself. Salons are competitive and unfortunately that means sometimes they will post false reviews just to make another salon look bad. Also, some reviews are based on stylists who no longer work in the salon. Websites such as Yelp, will actually flag four star reviews and remove them because there software determines they are fraudulent.

Making The Step: After you choose your salon you will want to make the appointments as quickly as you can. Most salons will ask you to call at least two to three months in advance. Plus, a lot of places require a down payment that is non-refundable because they are having to mark off such a big chunk of time. This deposit may take a little bit to come up with so make sure you are giving yourself enough time to save. Write everything down and double check it with the receptionist. You don’t want to have conflicting times when the day arrives. Make sure they know a time you would like to be out of the salon by, the last thing you want is to be late to your own wedding.

The Week Of The Wedding: As a bride this is going to be what feels like the most stressful week of your life and that stress will come out on your skin. You need to try to stay relaxed which is why I suggest as a bride you get a massage the week of your wedding. It will help you from pulling out your hair. If you plan that massage a little too late and the stress is already showing on your face I suggest you look into getting a HydraFacial. This works instantly so you leave with results and none of the back lashes like breaking out the next day like you may have with a European facial. The key this week is going to be to stay calm. If you want to change your hair color in any way I suggest you do it the week before that way you have time to change it if you don’t like it. I strongly strongly urge you never to color your hair the day of your wedding. Bad things happen, not because the stylist messed up in anyway but because sometimes things don’t look the same on us as they do in photos. Nothing ruins a wedding day quicker then bad hair!

Day Before The Wedding: This day is going to be the busiest! First thing I will tell you is wash your hair in the morning and then don’t wash it the actual day of the wedding. Avoid putting product in

your hair if you can. This is the day I suggest you get your nails done. If your lucky the place you are getting your hair done will do nails as well. Crystal’s Spa in Ithaca, NY does. You will want to get a manicure and a pedicure. If you are not into acrylic nails, which I don’t recommend because they ruin your hair, then go with a gel polish. Today would be the day I suggest you get waxed,whatever it is you feel like waxing. Some places will suggest you do it a few days before but if you are like me and your eyebrows grow back in a week then the day before will work just fine. 

Day Of The Wedding: This one is pretty self explanatory. In the next couple of days I will go over in more specifics ideas for your hair, makeup, and nails. Again, don’t wash your hair this morning, dirty hair will help the style stay better especially if your looking for curls. Stay relaxed. This is your day. Tell the stylist up front what you are looking to do with the bridesmaids hair that way there is no confusion. Have someone there to take pictures. BRING FOOD!!! I know you want to squeeze into that wedding dress but not eating the morning of your wedding is such a bad idea. Bring little snacks so you can snack throughout the day after you have a breakfast with protein. No one wants to be the bride that passed out at the wedding.

Yours Truly,


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