In today’s society most people have engagement photos, save the date photos, wedding photos. To me, the photographer is probably one of the most important parts of a wedding. No one will remember five years from now if the food didn’t taste right, but they will see the photos on your wall for years and years to come. Your photographer is the person in charge of capturing your memories so choose wisely.

Engagement Photos: Not everyone can afford to have engagement photos done but I recommend trying to find the money somewhere in your budget. These photos can be used to announce the engagement but they can also be used on your save the date cards or the wedding invitations themselves. These are just beautiful to look at because you are newly engaged and filled with love and happiness and it shows in the photos. I know that’s something I want captured on film. I imagine they make nice reminders of the love people share when times get a little rough.  The best part about engagement photos is you can do them where ever you want and wear whatever you want. This is such a fun experience because you and your significant other get to show people how comfortable you are with each other.

Wedding Photos: Here’s the easy part. If you did engagement photos you should have made sure the same photographer could do your wedding. If you didn’t do engagement photos the steps to finding a photographer are the same. Make sure you photos aren’t only of you walking down the isle and the ones people pose to get the group shots. Get photos of getting your hair done, your makeup, the groom with the groomsmen getting ready, the silly moments before you walk down the isle. Get pictures of the cake, and food, and shoes, and decorations. Look around at other wedding photos to get some ideas of what you want. Don’t try to do the exact same photos you see on Pinterest because, first, they’re not original and second, they can never be created the exact same way and then are you just going to be disappointed and it’s not going to be the photographers fault but you will most likely blame them.

Personal Choices: Remember I am writing this blog from Ithaca, NY so my personal choices may not help if you live out of state. For those of you living around the area I have two photographers that I love!! I can’t tell you which one I prefer more then the other because as photographers they bring two very different styles to the table. I know both the women personally and they are such genuinely sweet women. One of my favorite activities it looking through their websites just to see new photos. I have even convinced my boyfriend we need “couples” photos just so I have there artwork on my wall. These girls book up fast so if I were you I would call as soon as possible. I supplied you with their webpages and Facebook pages that way you can check them out and figure out which style works for you.

<- Bridget Rochelle Photography
BridgetRochellePhotography Facebook

Danielle Cook Gerritsen Photography ->
GerritsenPhotography Facebook

The best part about your photographer is they follow you from engagement photos, to wedding photos, to maternity photos, to newborn photos, to family photos. The are going to feel like part of your life, watching and capturing every important milestone. I hear just as many people rant and rave about their photographers as I do about the pictures they take. I’m not going to lie this is probably one of the reasons I’m excited about getting engaged! Remember they are professionals so things always look better then if you did them yourself. 

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Top Photo To Right: Copyright Gerritsen Photography
Second Photo Down To Left: Copyright Bridget Rochelle Photography

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