So it’s the morning of the wedding and your scrambling around to get everything you grab your bag and you head to the salon. Once you get there you realize you forgot a few things, no big deal you will get them after. Now your at the church and little things go wrong. Well, I am going to tell you about a Bridal Emergency Kit you should get together a week before your wedding that way you are set. Also, I will tell you a few things every bride wishes other brides told them before they walked down the isle.You can purchase these things separately or you can go to amazon or ebay and just purchase a “bridal emergency kit. I find making your own works better but that’s just me. 

Emergency Kit: Your emergency bag will save you in more than once way. Even if you don’t use one thing our here you will still be happy you had it. Remember this kit says for brides but it will be nice in case something goes wrong with a bridesmaid, a groomsmen, the flower girl.  You can add or subtract anything you like. This is a general list of what it should carry but some brides are more anal and some are more relaxed. No matter what you do make sure you bring snacks. Every brides mistake is not eating before the wedding, big no no.
-Sanitizing Wipes
-Full Travel Mending Kit With Scissors
-Make-Up Remover Wipe
-Full Bottle Of Clear Nail Polish
-Lip Gloss- this should be the one that your makeup artist puts on you. Always purchase, and never go wihout some sort of lip color
-Pain Reliever- have two different kinds in case someone has an allergy
-Breath Mint
-Nail File
-Bobby Pins
-Baby Powder- this is great to put in between your legs to help with sweating especially those brides wearing ball gowns, wedding dresses get hot, put this on before you put on the dress unless you want someone crawling under your dress lol 
-Tide-To-Go Pen- with kids in the wedding this is a must
-Razor- in case you missed any spots
-Toothbrush and Toothpaste- helps to get that last minute shine back  
-Plastic Bibs- Yes, this sounds dumb but once you have that dress on and you get hungry you are going to be glad you had something to protect it

Helpful Tips From Other Brides: 
*Don’t stress out if things are perfect! Unless it’s something huge, no one is going to notice except you and there is no reason to stress yourself out especially on your wedding day. 
*Get a personal attendant. This can be a family member who is a little older and has some more authority then your young bridesmaids. You also don’t want them in the wedding because they are going to be the one to make sure everyone makes it down the isle so you don’t have to stress over it. 
*Create binders that entail the numbers of everyone involved in the wedding. Your wedding party, the priest, the church, the reception hall, the band or DJ. Also, have backup numbers you can call if someone bails or something goes wrong. 
*After the wedding you are no longer center of attention. Some brides will actually become depressed after the wedding is over because there is no more emails, or phone calls, or people stopping by constantly. You turn back into a regular person, embrace and enjoy that. 
*Don’t stress over the best man or the Mother-In-Law, or the bridesmaid who always needs to be center of attention. If you spend all this time worrying about what MAY happen you will miss the fun of it all. 
*Ignore expectations and moody maids and pick the friend who will keep you sane and support you the best. Maid of Honor drama is unneeded, I promise your bridal party will just be honored they are in your wedding.

Yours Truly, 


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