Welcome to our 10 day wedding ‘what now?’ blog. For the next ten days we are open I will be featuring everything I can think of to do with weddings and the next step. We all know how stressful they can be so hopefully this series of blogs will help you out a little, maybe teach you something you didn’t know.

So he popped the question, now what? Before you start looking for that perfect dress and planning a wedding they’re a few things you may want to do first. I thought that this would be the easy part to getting engaged but truthfully there are things you have to do that probably didn’t even cross your mind. I am going to list these in order according to importance to me, you don’t have to do them in this order as long as you get all of them done.

1. Go and get a manicure. Your hands are about to be the center of attention everywhere you go. All your friends/family are going to want to see your ring and I’m sure you are going to want to take pictures to post on your social media page so the last thing you want is your nails to look like junk. Keep your manicure simple, don’t do bright colors or elaborate designs you want people focusing on garish nails.  

2. Get your ring insured!! This is probably one the most important things you could do and it’s the one thing most people don’t even think about. I’m not talking about making sure it has a warranty
from the store you bought it from I’m talking about putting in under your home owner’s or renters insurance. I know may think this is pointless but the day your ring slips off your hand and you don’t have the money to replace it you will wish you had done something as simple as insuring it.

3.Tell the important people first! Go tell your parents and then tell close friends and family. Please don’t post it on your Facebook or Twitter and have people close to you find out that way.

4. Narrow down when you are getting married. Even though you just got engaged two minutes ago the first question people are going to ask is ‘when is the big day?’ I’m not saying set a specific date, I’m saying narrow it down. For example, the year, the month, or even the season you are looking to have the wedding.

5. Buy some wedding magazines. They will help you so much and when you actually get to the planning part you won’t feel like your drowning with all the things you didn’t consider you would have to do.

 6. Do you rough guest list. You notice how a lot of these things have to do with money, well so does this one. Venue’s and catering mostly go by the number of people. So come up with an estimate that way when you start making those calls you will know how many people you can afford. Same

goes for the size of cake will you need. This small things determines so many large things.

7. Read number two again! If I know most people they will put this step off thinking other things are way more important. Well, there not. Go to The Knot for more information Insurance 101.

8. Figure out if you can do this on your own. If not you need to start calling around to set up
interviews with wedding coordinators. Weddings are a lot to plan and if you are planning on having a large one then a wedding coordinator is definitely worth spending a little extra money on. No one wants new wrinkles before their wedding because they are over stressed out.

9.Call around for a photographer. Not everyone can afford engagement photos and that’s okay but if you have a little extra engagement photos are amazing! They’re going to be needed if you plan on having pictures on your Save The Date cards.

10. Just stop and relax. I know this is all over whelming so just relax. You will have plenty of time to panic and freak out later but for now take a breather. Enjoy your first week or so of being engaged.

While your getting your manicure done add in a pedicure as well, maybe even a massage. This is a great time in your life so enjoy it.

I know after reading this you may have more questions then answers but if you keep reading the next nine blogs they will hit more and more on these subjects. Being a bride is a big deal and there is so much to do before you actually get to walk down that isle. However, if you are from around the Ithaca area in my blogs I will be mentioning specific places and people I suggest to use when it comes to that big day.

Yours Truly,


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