If you know nothing about nail polishes, the first thing you should know is the base coat and the top coat make the polish. With summer finally here I think it’s a good idea for everyone to know how to prevent those nails from chipping and breaking especially since you will be showing them off more. The top coat is like the icing on the cake, a good top coat can fill in any imperfections, chips, make nails stronger and thicker, just like frosting can if you mess up a cake. My favorite part, once I discovered the right top coat for me I actually stopped biting my nails. It’s true the base coat needs to be right as well but I am going to focus on the top coat today.

Shellac Gel Coat
This is by far the best top coat to use. I know the stigma out there about gel nails ruining your nails, and maybe it’s true, but I have never had problems with my nails and I redo my gel every other week. Not because they need it but because I get bored with the color. You don’t have to use gel polish to use the gel top coat. You can put it right over regular nail polish. The only problem with this is that you need a UV light to cure it on and they are not cheap. My nails don’t chip, they feel thicker, and they are hard. It gives a beautiful luster to whatever color you chose.

OPI Start to Finish
If you read any reviews you will see this is one of everyone’s favorite top coats. The thing that sets this apart from the rest is that it’s a three in one. It’s a base, a nail strengthener,and a top coat. I love this because it’s a thick top coat and it dries fast. It’s again more then some cheap nail polish you find at a drug store but it’s well worth it. My manicures last me 5-7 days with this top coat on and I am not gentle with my nails. It doesn’t turn the white’s of a french manicure yellow like some top coats will and it helps protect your nail color from fading in the sun. My red’s look at red as the day I put them on by the time I need to redo my polish.


Seche Vita

I have heard many wonderful things about this top coat. Like the OPI polish, it helps protect against fading with the color, it doesn’t turn whites yellow, its thick. Actually if you ask most people OPI and Seche Vita are pretty comprable in there pro’s and price. However, the one thing I noticed and found a lot of other people did too who used this was that is shrunk your nail polish. Odd sounding, I know, but it makes it so you have a little nail showing all around and because of this I feel like I need to redo my polish before it actually needs to be changed. I go about 4-5 days before I change my polish with this top coat. Also, I find this top coat has a stronger smell then any other nail polish I have used before so if you are sensitive to smells I suggest you steer clear. 

Sally Hansen Hard As Nails


This has gotten so many mixed reviews I wasn’t sure whether to add it or not but in the end I decided too. I like this polish. They are true to their name in the essence that your nails are very hard after you put the top coat on. This is a big plus for me because I used to be a nail biter so my nails are more brittle then most people’s which cause them to break easier. It gives the polish a nice luster and helps prevent against your color fading but when it comes to paint chipping I don’t feel it does as well as the others. The price is cheaper then the other ones on this list which is nice if you are on a tight budget. It’s also really easy to find you can get it basically anywhere that has nail polish. Sally Hansen is a big nail polish drug store line so you can get it in a pinch. However, I find that once your bottle gets below half full, or a little old, it does take the polish longer to try and becomes more tacky which means it will have to be replaced more often.

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