I know it was supposed to be a week about the sun but after spending most of my morning staring out the window at the dark sky and rain clouds I decided to change it up a little. After scanning through my social media I noticed a number of people complaining about their hair being ‘big’ due the weather. What did this mean to me? It means I am going to tell you things to do to tame your hair on high humidity rainy days. 🙂 I know, I know, you don’t have to say it, this is exactly what you needed on a day like today 🙂 I can’t promise all of these will work and nothing controls 100% frizz.

1.The first thing I will tell you is not to run your hands through your hair. I know it’s hard not to but the moment you run your hands from the roots to the ends you are fluffing up your hair cuticle which is making it look frizzy. It’s very simple to fluff the cuticles in your hair. Something as thoughtless as pushing your bangs out of your eyes, taking your sunglasses on and off your head, or taking a hat on and off.
         -There is an exception to this rule. You are allowed to run your hands through your hair if you have product in them like a serum  or conditioner.

2. Handle your hair as little as you can. When you get out of the shower pat it dry, do not roughly dry your hair that is only going to [again] rough up your cuticle. Brush it, then throw conditioner or an anit-frizz serum in it. I know you will want to scrunch your hair when you are putting in the serum but don’t do it a lot.  STOP TOUCHING AFTER THAT.

3. Do not brush your hair while it is dry. If you feel the need to brush it wet down your fingers and untangle your hair that way. Making sure to stay closer to the ends. Even use conditioner on your finger tips if you have it handy.

4. Make sure you are using a conditioner that’s rich in protein, according to dermatologist, this works the best at eliminating frizz and creating shine

5.Stay away from synthetic oils. Yes, please use oils in your hair but only use natural ones such as Argan Oil. Natural oils help not just with frizz; they can also tame static, flyaways, and split ends while giving your hair a natural shine. Oils are only meant to be used at the ends of your hair so stay away from the roots, unless you want your hair to look greasy, and use the oil sparingly. A little bit of oil goes a long way.

6. Put your hair in AA. There is no need to put Alcohol in your hair. A majority of drug store products contain alcohol and other preservatives because they need to last longer on the shelf and they’re cheaper. Switching to products that don’t contain alcohol might be a little harder on your wallet, but your hair will love you for it.

7.Try to relax on the hot tools. I know there are so many new and exciting ones out there that calm to be good for you hair but at the end of the day too much is never a good thing. Yes, it’s true that some have the ability to be turned down but you have to remember, especially if you have really curly hair, that means you are having to go over the hair more than you normally would so most of the product is being burned off and that heat is able to affect your natural hair.

8. It your addiction to hot tools and perfect hair can’t be curved, then please, use a thermal setting spray. Product makes all the difference in whether or not you fry your hair and cause split ends. Split ends mean more frizz. When blow drying it use a round brush instead of letting it fly everywhere.

9. Make sure you are reading the product labels and descriptions. Some products only last 2-3 hours. That doesn’t give you a lot of time in high humidity with nice hair.

9. FOR MY CURLY GIRLS: First, seriously look into and invest in the DevaCurl line of products. They are made for natural curly hair and work wonders. Second, when you wash your hair try using conditioner instead of shampoo. Before you think it, no this will not make your hair greasy because you are rinsing it out and then putting on the conditioner you should be leaving in all day. 

Yours Truly,

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